Look at this - holidays on teletext almost from the very start! Packed it, booked it... (1978)

โ€œCan we have our marbles back?โ€
โ€œJeeze, weโ€™d forgotten we had them! Sure here you go. โ€œ

How normal countries behave.


"โ€œYes. The Greeks have only gone and decided that their decades-old policy of wanting the sculptures returned to the Parthenon is still their policy now. Can you believe it? What a bunch of shits.โ€" John Crace


#Sunak #ElginMarbles

We promised you ยฃ350m a week for the NHS on that stupid bus. We lied and broke that promise. We promised you HS2. We lied and I've just broken that promise. Here are ten new random promises, I know you're too stupid to put two and two together.๐Ÿคฌ

This week, I went over to Bluesky and asked people who'd left Mastodon why they left, and lots of people told me. I grabbed the replies and crunched them and wrote up a summary. I think it's really interesting and often kind of wrenching.



Amazing and fascinating evening at Ankerwycke yesterday with the archaeological team and Toby who is clearly a well trained dig-dog! They've now mapped the C12 nunnery and the C16 Tudor manor house which was built after dissolution. Prof Alice Roberts was filming there earlier in the day so fingers crossed for something on Digging for Britain in the autumn.

Anna Muzychuk is champion & queen of chess. She refused to play in Saudi Arabia.โ€I refuse to play with special rules, like wearing an Abaya, being accompanied by a man to leave the hotel. Will lose 2 world titles. Itโ€™s unfortunate, but I canโ€™t feel like Iโ€™m a 2nd class person.

Hello again! I am a not-so-tech-savy almost retired counsellor who has been on another server since December after leaving wacky twitter-land.
Looking to connect with Canadians, prairie folk (Saskatchewan settler) and Saskatoon people. I love nature, photography, gardening, music, traveling, grandchildren and justice oriented politics. Grateful to be an ally living on Treaty 6 and homeland of the Metis.
Appreciate any boosts as I restart!

How can the BBC make any pretence at impartiality when their Chairman of Governors is a rabid Boris-loving Tory? A fish rots from the head. Taking Gary Lineker off air for personal and accurate comments about the government is unacceptable censorship. Very like the Nazis did.

British Political Scandals 'To Do' List

Raab bullying,
Braverman international law breaking,
Sunak's opaquely hoarded millions,
Gove levelling up bribery,
Prigozhin sanction busting libel case, Multiple strikes not addressed,
PPE contract cronyism,
Tory treasurer breaking Russian sanctions,
Voter ID vote suppression,
Restricting and criminalising protests,
Systemic racism in every system, Unchecked Russian interference in our democracy...


Burnished beauty! #CremonaQuartet & friends present a #Kuhmofestival #FullScore concert: chamber works by Mozart, Verdi & Rossini. While Maurizio #Pollini portrays a Chopin Ballade, & it's Jigs & Reels for #MusiciIreland- music of Colm ร“ Foghlรบ. 1-4pm @RTElyricfm (๐Ÿ“ธ Nikolaj Lund)

The lads of Rescue 117, the Waterford based Irish Coastguard SAR helicopter have been safety training to support Santa's delivery flight. They have just now tracked Santa crossing the Irish coast... Rudolphs nose is glowing brightly!

Scout and Guide Christingle service at St. Peter's Church Chertsey. The kids seemed to have a great time. View from gallery cos I was doing the AV.

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