@peterwhisker Evidence about J K Rowling's transphobia is plentiful - Google/Vox have the receipts! vox.com/culture/23622610/jk-ro

Notice how EJ Rosetta wrote an "opinion" piece, not an actual news story? There is no counter evidence of any sort provided. There are vociferous claims that with context #jkr quotes are ok, but not a single quote is analyzed or contextualized to prove it so. Not one. Contrast with the vox story, with actual journalistic standards.

EJR gaslighting the readers much?

Fight against #Transphobia 

@avi2022 @peterwhisker

Avi thanks for sharing the vox article.

I stand together with #trans and #nonbinary people, to defend them from the abuse & discrimination they continue to suffer

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