Man, every interaction with children’s medicine in Connecticut is the worst. Last year I had to drive to Massachusetts to get him a flu shot. Now no pediatrician will talk to me unless I have his full medical records ready to go.

I guess his new pediatrician is the ER?

I grilled one of these people and they said their office policy is that they need it because “children come from wherever these days”. When I asked what the fuck that means, they said, “You could have abducted the child!” It made me laugh out loud.

How many child abductions would be caught by requiring someone to fax over a child’s medical records (they seem trivial to fake even if you don’t have them), as opposed to like.. ear infections doing permanent damage because the child has no access to medical care.

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And mind you these are the same people who refuse to give your kid a vaccine unless you are a patient of theirs. They could, you know, catch the flu in a 30 day delay.

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Oh yeah, and I just realized — there are two pediatricians that asked about the medical records and I gave up on them because I only called them because the records were taking so long! Had I actually abducted the child, this would keep him away from mandated reporters!

So basically this actually is more likely to keep abducted children out of the hands of someone who might notice if something was wrong while not actually catching anyone abducting children, and has negative side effects for the vast majority of children. Bravo, CT. 👏

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