I am feeling very spoiled by my 3D printer, where I can just take some existing thing I like and make it the size I want it to be.

I keep finding things where I’m like, “This would be perfect if it were 3cm shallower” or something.

I’m kinda tempted to try printing a container in PETG and see how well it holds up to a freezer → microwave → dishwasher cycle.

Paul Ganssle  
This is probably a long shot, but does anyone have a good recommendation for a small microwavable, reusable container (preferably plastic or otherw...

@pganssle 3d prints don't make for food-safe containers. The layer spaces are perfect breeding grounds for germs. Maybe sufficient smoothing like with acetone would work.

@dl Not sure how I’d know that the acetone smoothing worked if the mechanism of action for illness is bacterial build-up. Would the germ colonies be visible or something?

@pganssle Maybe! I would assume that not having the layer spaces would make them properly washable. I don't know for sure, though, so I've stayed away from mixing 3d prints and food stuff.

@pganssle You're probably going to get an earful about food-safety of FDM prints. I found to be a decent intro to the topic that's not so alarmist as the median Internet Expert (but I'm still playing it safe and waiting for more results...)

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