“You will no longer be able to send SMS messages from Signal soon. Invite to Signal to keep the conversation here."

Lol. I’d love to keep using Signal, but this move doesn’t exactly inspire me to try and sell it to anyone else.

In fact, I’m kinda, busy apologizing to the people who I sold on Signal with the line, “Oh it’s great because you can use it as an SMS client that just upgrades you to a better protocol when the other person is using Signal, too!”

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Why use Signal to send an SMS?
It was only ever available on the android version of the app, so mostly on smartphones anyway, so why not just use the native function of the ‘phone for that?
Anyway, as explained here :


it seems to me they have good reason to pull it.


@Daniel_Blake Feel free to do a tiny amount of research on the myriad reasons people have for using Signal as their SMS client, and the reasons why this is a horrible move on Signal’s part.

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