Anyone know what versions of windows and mac runners I need to pin to in GHA to get Python 3.6?

With Ubuntu I know it’s 20.04, but I don’t know how to divine from this what the right invocation is.

Here’s an example of it failing.

Also, to be clear, anyone who tells me to stop supporting 3.6 will be immediately blocked. ☺

This kind of thing, by the way, is one of the main reasons that I am so bad at getting anything done in OSS anymore. My free time is at an extreme premium, and whenever I steal half an hour to try to merge an uncontroversial PR or something, it gets eaten up fixing bitrot. ☹

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@pganssle From what I can tell, it looks like Python 3.6 is available out of box on:

- Windows Server 2019
- MacOS 10.15

You can find that Python 3.6.x is available as a cached tool in the runner images for those two, by following the links from here:

Your failing jobs use Windows Server 2022 and MacOS 12, which don't have Python 3.6.x available in the cached tools.

An alternative could be to maybe use something like pyenv if wanting to support the newer OS runners?

@pganssle Hmmm in addition, could also evaluate using actions/setup-python@v4 instead of actions/setup-python@v1as I'm not sure what differences/updates have happened that may be providing better functionality

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