I vaguely recall that I listened to an episode of @talkpython or Podcast.__init__ or something where the guest had some sort of elaborate system for documenting everything about their life. Might be some sort of quantified self thing. Anyone else remember this and can track down the link?


The reason I’m looking for this is that I’d really like to set up a system where I can easily capture small snippets of information about my day, like a journal with a bit more structure.

There are a bunch of numerical things that I track in sort of haphazard and idiosyncratic ways — I measure my weight and body fat % and track it in Google Calendar, I have a “Track and Plot” app on Android for my Uric Acid levels, and I use paper and pen to track my weight lifting.

I’d love to be able to have a free-form journal that can include voice/audio or text, plus numerical, boolean or structured data entries at specific points. Ideally something that uses an open format and can easily be synced between an app on my phone and something on my computer.

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