I vaguely recall that I listened to an episode of @talkpython or Podcast.__init__ or something where the guest had some sort of elaborate system for documenting everything about their life. Might be some sort of quantified self thing. Anyone else remember this and can track down the link?

@pganssle @talkpython Not sure if it's the one you're thinking of or not, but makes me think of the Podcast.__init__ episode about Contextualise with Brett Kromkamp:



@aj @talkpython Hmm.. That could have been, but I think the focus was much more about this person quantifying their own life. I am not sure what the Python angle was.

@pganssle @talkpython Gotcha. Separate from Python-specific stuff, your question reminded me of this Hanselminutes episode: hanselminutes.com/399/chris-da

On the off chance that we run in similar podcast circles and mix/match topics at recall time.

Transcript at app.podscribe.ai/episode/17537 in case it's worth a quick browse.

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