I vaguely recall that I listened to an episode of @talkpython or Podcast.__init__ or something where the guest had some sort of elaborate system for documenting everything about their life. Might be some sort of quantified self thing. Anyone else remember this and can track down the link?

@pganssle @talkpython Any chance this was an episode about Dogsheep and /or Datasette from @simon?


@simon @jonafato @talkpython I don’t think so. I remember the person on the podcast had a story where they were trying to remember something they had done or learned, and they were able to figure out what it was because they remembered that they had learned it while riding a specific train or something, so they were able to cross-reference their location data to see when they were at that train and then check their notes taken around that time (details here might be all wrong, but I don’t think there’s anything like that in Simon’s podcast).

I also sort of think that I listened to this pre-pandemic.

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