Weird question, but anyone at have a sewing kit I can use? Part of my bag is… hanging on by a thread.

(Don’t go out of your way to help with this - I’m just hoping to save myself like 20 minutes by avoiding a trip to the store)

@mariatta Awesome! I do still need it, and tomorrow would be perfect. Thanks so much! 🙂🙂❤

ha @pganssle, things always break when we ain’t home, where the fixing tools are

@cnx Yep. So frustrating when you horde some weird button or a piece of wire for like 10 years because you might need it some day and then you have the perfect use case for it but you’re 3000 miles away 😛


Or better yet, you kept the broken HP-41C for 30 years and then threw it away half a year prior to finding out that new "mother board" is available from a dude in Switzerland. But unfortunately forgot that you threw it away, so bought the mother board and have no HP-41C to put it in.... <brain-dead/>


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