“Oh I need to communicate with someone on Discord quickly, guess I’ll launch it. Oh, there’s an update available, so Discord prevents me from opening their appliaction.”

Reason #215 to avoid .

isn’t great, but it’s a darn sight better than this.

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@pganssle I love Matrix but at least Discord does not randomly prevent you from reading others messages because suddenly they're encrypted. This screenshot is from a week ago.

@astrojuanlu I mean, that’s from E2E encryption, which I think Discord doesn’t support at all? You can turn that off, and it’s pretty easy to share keys between devices.

@astrojuanlu Matrix is not great (literally nothing in this or the adjacent “SMS replacement” space is, in my opinion), but E2EE that is both secure and good UX is like… obscenely hard.

@pganssle @astrojuanlu i‘m not saying it‘s not obscenely hard. But it‘s doable. Signal pretty much nailed that part. It‘s still a centralized service though.

@astrojuanlu @pganssle it's not random when the sender of the message does not send you keys; that's E2EE

@kitkat @pganssle It might not be random, but if the person has no idea when, or how, did they enable such a behavior, then it's terrible UX.

And yes, I agree with @pganssle point: that good UX for E2EE is hard. But users don't care about this - it's our job as programmers to do something about it.

@rober Lol, “Our user experience is trash, but we also have a different trash UX that is complementary to the other one!”

I appreciate the helpful tip, but also I’m not sure I want to encourage the continued existence of Discord.

@pganssle I just use their webapp version when I'm forced to discord.

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