@pganssle hehe nice. I’m considering an urban arrow myself, how is it working for you?

@adamchainz I bought it back in December and I’ve put 800 miles on it already. I just got the snow tires off and apparently the steering column had too many bearings in it, so now my steering is much more smooth 😅


@adamchainz Overall I really like it, though it’s the only cargo bike I’ve ever ridden. I’d like it if I could go faster (motor cuts out at 20mph, I can get up to 27 going down a hill).

My wife has an Aventon abound, I’ve ridden that a few times. It’s not as good and the acceleration curve is a bit jerkier for my tastes, but she likes hers more than the Urban Arrow. She doesn’t have nearly the same storage capacity as I have, but she can take both our kids if she needs to.

Plus it’s dramatically cheaper.

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