I am really disappointed by the current state of org mode (or just note taking in general) on Android.

I really want a simple, dedicated app where I can:

  1. make a simple list or takes some notes
  2. have that be saved in some plain text format that can be edited in vim or emacs on my computer
  3. have that file be accessible in a way that Syncthing can pick it up
  4. Pick up changes made on the file system

Orgzly seems to want to do its own thing and fails at 3 and 4. orgro is read-only. Every other note-taking or list app I’ve seen just stores stuff in its own little database in its own format.

I hate to link to reddit, but this is a disheartening thread: old.reddit.com/r/orgmode/comme

There’s an emacs port on f-droid, but when I tried to use it it’s not exactly a native app experience. Opening a file involves typing the full path to the file!

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I wanted to try , but their release method is “download an apk from our website” for some reason?

It is unclear why they aren’t on Fdroid or the play store: github.com/logseq/logseq/discu

@pganssle @barth I have added local filesystem support to organice for Android. I am using it for groceries list. use syncthing to sync with computer. check lists on phone. using a capture template on phone + refiling on computer.

there is a link to my PR with apk . Please suport it's merge in organice main github.com/200ok-ch/organice/p

I think direct downloads are fine for rapid (beta) development, but would say it's worth trying #logseq ... I sync with #syncthing to both #linux and windows systems with no issues.
It even has voice dictation...

@BinaryChaos I mean, the reason they don’t even have a stable candidate in the app store is that their permissions are too wide, and the reason that they aren’t in Fdroid is that they are using some sort of proprietary sync that for some reason they can’t just exclude from the Fdroid builds?

It does not inspire confidence.

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