I dunno if you can tell from my open tabs, but I miss my … 😿

(And my is really not cutting it…)

@pganssle Is it the hardware or the software that's lacking? (or both)

@FSMaxB Both. The biggest pain point is the touch screen. I really miss my always-on Pebble with physical buttons on the side. ☹

This new thing is never on when I want it to be, but also it wakes itself up enough to burn through the battery quickly most days. When it does wake up it’s often on some random screen because the touchscreen is sensitive enough that some random gestures get triggered and something will have navigated to a random settings page.

@pganssle I guess I'll see myself since my PineTime is on the way. I'm still waiting for the "pebble" replacement but haven't found one yet.

But physical buttons are actually part of the problem with my pebbles, because that was always why they broke for me. Still having a touchscreen on a watch feels weird.

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