Anyone out there with installed willing to take a screenshot for me?

I’m trying to get an image to illustrate the sentence “you put it there, but I want it here” for an Anki deck to teach my son to read.

I was thinking something like a house in minecraft with a door attached in the wrong spot (like above a door-shaped hole in the wall), or maybe a railroad with a few rails shifted over by a few voxels.

Prefer if you’d release the image CC-0, since that will minimize complications when I eventually make the deck public.

@pganssle Minetest instead of Minecraft, but I hope it’s helpful. No idea about licences, so if you want it can be CC-0. Feel free to complain, this took me about a minute to make so if you would like something slightly different I might be able to get it just as fast.

@timorl Awesome, thanks! I hadn’t heard of minetest, so finding out about that has made it way easier to make more of these if I need them in the future. Thanks!

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