Having trouble remembering the difference between the flag of Belgium and the flag of Germany?

Remember this simple rhyme:
“Black touches Red, you’re in Germany like Kaiser Fred¹.
Black touches yellow, you’re in Belgium, so have a waffle with marshmallow².”³

¹This assumes that you know that Kaiser Frederick III was the second Emperor of Germany.
²This is only a slant rhyme, and it barely works since — while dessert waffles are associated with Belgium, and they would be pretty good with marshmallows on them — marshmallows are not particularly associated with Belgian waffles.
³Yes, I am not particularly good at coming up with mnemonics.

@pganssle How about "Black before yellow, tinkling li'l fellow", assuming one knows Manneken Pis?

I can't come up with a good one for Germany, but perhaps we can crowdsource it in this thread.

@pganssle I got:

- burnt fries: belgium
- burnt sausage: german

Doesn't rythme but kids remember black means burnt, fries are yellow, and sausage are red.

@bitecode Hmm, to the extent that Belgium is associated with fries, a variation on that could work very well, in that you often think of fries as being in a vertical orientation, whereas sausages are basically always lying on their side. 🍟 🌭

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