Dear @internetarchive,

I'm looking for some help. You have graciously archived my website from almost 20 years ago, when I thought I lost it. Thank you for this.

It was a Wordpress site.

I want to know if the following is possible

- can I download that archive in a format that I can then import into Wordpress?

If this isn't possible, is it possible to download the archive in any format that I can use?

I'm not a developer or Python/Perl expert so please go easy on me. :)



@bernat @internetarchive When I wanted a similar thing, I used this:

I doubt they’ll have something easy to import into WordPress straight out of the box (though I haven’t used WordPress in 15 years, so maybe it’s easier now?), but at least you’d have the text, and you can do some cleanup on that.

@pganssle Hi Paul thanks. I had seen that tool but wasn't sure if it was still relavant (it's 9 years old and some people filed issues saying it didn't work). But if it's worked for you I'll give it a go.

Yes, wordpress have a WXR file format for their backups/exports but I doubt WBW machine will create one so having text and doing cleaning will probably be the most I can do.

Thanks for the recommendation of that tool.



Thanks Paul, this seemed to work well. I've downloaded all the posts. Now to copy and paste!


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