Heh, I just noticed that it looks like virtualenv seems to use the “COVID-time” version of :

Version 20 starting in 2020, still version 20 now… 😛

@pganssle Let's call it #CoronaVer!

@gaborbernat Is it intentional for virtualenv to be forever version 20?

@hugovk @pganssle is using semver, is just a happenstance that v20 got released in 2020.

@gaborbernat @hugovk The version before 20.x was 16.x, though. The whole version history is actually pretty weird:

It jumps from 1.x to 12.x… in 2014, then it looks mostly like semver until 2020 when it jumps to 20.x and holds there.

@pganssle @hugovk The intent there was to change the first digit to further signify that this is a major rewrite of the project. The intent wasn't to make it calver.

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