Ok, I am traveling to Spain soon, and when I travel I usually bring a bit of protein powder (I put it in cottage cheese or yogurt to add some flavor and texture).

However, I suspect that my usual approach — Ziploc baggies in a freezer bag — might invite, uh… extra scrutiny… at customs (see photo).

Anyone have alternative ideas about how to transport this stuff without creating suspicion? The original packaging won’t work because it is very bulky.

I’m thinking small, clearly labeled Tupperware containers and a few scoops will maybe put customs inspectors in a less suspicious frame of mind?

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@carlton They usually only sell it in bulk anyway, in my experience. I wouldn’t even be able to get less than a 2 month’s supply of the kind I like in the US. Looking at this:

Seems like it is a similar deal. Worst case scenario I can do it, but it is also a bit uncertain. Quality for this stuff varies a lot.

@pganssle I think they sell such things in most pharmacies in “not too big tubs” but if you need a particular thing then your clear labelling seems like the best idea. That photo definitely gives off Mule vibes 😜

@pganssle can you buy it in smaller, branded, sealed pouches or tubs?

@alex I’ve never seen it for sale in smaller containers.

@pganssle you could print labels saying “totally NOT drugs”

@hynek That is exactly what a criminal would do. Maybe I should print labels that say “Cocaine” and “Heroin”, since that is something no smuggler would do.

@pganssle You’re oddly well-informed about what a criminal would do 🤨

@pganssle I concur - Spanish customs and (basically) all cops are hardcore mofos.

What about photocopying your protein container wrapper, put your powder in plastic containers and stick the wrapper to each.

Also print out ingredients on A4.

Also, make sure the power containers are either in your carry on, or on the top of your checked luggae so its found easily and quickly.

@pganssle Spanish airport policing is done by Guardia Civil, and Policia Nacional, and they're not the kind of people you want to mess with, unfortunately.

They aren't to discussion. However, they don't usually cause foreigners too much trouble.

If you've not got enough Spanish language to explain what they are, one other thing might be to translate a short paragraph into Spanish explaining what the contents.

Are you going for fun or work? Or both?

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