OK so I wrote these two functions (and I did not even unit test them, so they're probably wrong):


There must be a better way to do this with the standard library, right? Something buried in `datetime` somewhere?


@glyph Needs a deprecation warning. Not that you can actually deprecate the use of 12 hour clocks by fiat in a random library, but it’s worth a shot.

@pganssle this is in an application, like, for humans to use

@glyph No I don’t mean you should deprecate the function. I think we, as a society, should heap approbation and disdain on humans who use 12 hour clocks. 12 hour clocks are ridiculous.

@pganssle if I could be my ideal self I would express everything as swatch .beats, but unfortunately I do sometimes think it is 3PM

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