Trending in Myanmar facebook: muslim woman sues ex husband for giving three talaqs at the same place at the same time and not giving back 10 kyatthas of bride price gold. Not surprisingly, some muslim men and women attack her for apparently tarnishing islam. Thankfully there’re also muslims(most women, some men) defending her. Nice to see a muslim woman fighting for their own rights.

This’s funny.

“Zu Gar Vet Ga nat who trumps Green Lion.”

Green lion refers to 1000 kyats Burmese bank notes which are slightly green. Nat is a Burmese spirit. ‘s name is written in Pali script, like other Burmese nats’ names.

Myanmar politics 

So true.

“For 19 years, the Reader(former junta Than Shwe, he’s said to be reading all the time after his retirement) had violated human rights, no religion no race uninvolved, of the whole country. But he didn’t touch Islam believers so he could end his era pleasantly and pass his troubling legacy to the next generation... This kar chot(head defense, referring to Min Aung Hlaing) touches Muslims now he’s in trouble 🤓”

You know the economy is tight when even the former military junta’s senior general starts selling mangos 😂🤣

Article says “Retired senior general U Than Shwe selling Sein Ta Lone mangos” (Sein Ta Lone is a Burmese mango variety)

Meme idea was taken from reddit but I updated with iOS version’s graphics

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