Due to the price of Switch games, I’ve decided to not buy a Switch. Back to digging gold through trash aka premium mobile games that’re good

There’s a nice ad going on on radio.
“Please watch both sides of the road before crossing. Safety makes you an attractive person.” “Is it true that safety makes you an attractive person?” “Of course. Please use protection, apor condom. Safety makes you an attractive person.”

Weighted all the cats today and the kids(7 months old each) weigh 13 lbs and 10 lbs. Nothing less expected from the gluttonous one. I felt the mom cat lost weight when picking up her to weight and she only weighs 9 lbs. With her hiding all day, not peeing, eating or drinking water, this’s not going to be good for her health. I hope she at least makes afford to come into terms with my brother instead of hiding from early morning to late evening punctually.

My brother’s now back and all the three cats are hiding in my bedroom all day! The mom cat’s the worst, like literally sitting under the bed all day, not going outside to eat or pee a bit. The children spare much better, sometimes sneaking out to eat, pee or lie down.

I wish I called out their bullshit more aggressively ☹️ Next time I’ll speak out my mind, not fearing the potential downvotes

A work in progress I’m enjoying lately. Every playthrough I find new content. I haven’t built an army big enough to defeat enemy’s army yet. The fastest route to kill the enemy lord as a woman is marry him and poison him or slash his neck. No idea about a male mc. I tolerated the temple and was kind enough to renovate their temple twice but they became enemies with me after I excused buggery, refused genderless child to be sent to the head temple, and allowed people to sell religious artifacts freely. They can go fuck off themselves. I’ve found a way to make a new religion anyway.

The War for the West (WIP) forum.choiceofgames.com/t/the-

Disappointed at Life is strange before the storm iOS port. The graphics are worse than the original one. Why did they port with unity?

My sleep tracker app says I have no rem yesterday night but I surely dreamt about Hungry Hearts Diner mobile game(beautiful game. May cut onions) and some dream about going on a train with some strange people. And I woke up a bit due to Nwar scratching my foot. I guess these apps are all gimmicks.

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say what you will about anime freaks but boy band stans of any manner are some of the most terrifying people i've seen in my entire life

I can bet all my skincare products that one or more top read articles on Burmese wikipedia are always going to be about reproductive organs. Gonna get that sex ed from wikipedia and pornhub

@QuantumHemp NO! Nothing against furries but personally I don’t want to be one! I’m afraid I will start liking them

Well, there goes my old video games

Apple Requiring All New Apps and App Updates to be Built With iOS 12 SDK by March 2019 - Mac Rumors macrumors.com/2018/09/12/apple

I played some free otome games and now Steam won’t stop recommending me furry visual novels 😫

512 gb iPhone Xs max costs 1449$. Costs 2254500 myanmar kyats and the price would be higher in Myanmar since the resellers need to make profit. My cousin who studied 8 years of med school makes 250000 kyats a month as a public hospital doctor 🤷🏻‍♀️

Trending in Myanmar facebook: muslim woman sues ex husband for giving three talaqs at the same place at the same time and not giving back 10 kyatthas of bride price gold. Not surprisingly, some muslim men and women attack her for apparently tarnishing islam. Thankfully there’re also muslims(most women, some men) defending her. Nice to see a muslim woman fighting for their own rights. qoto.org/media/nXlpaWCLHvBS3YQ

For some reason my mind is pronouncing iPhone Xr like Xi in Xi Jinping’s name. iPhone Hsr... anyways the naming scheme is awful now.

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