My current movie bugbear: Non-rotating with a large rotating section for the human habitat. Bonus points if the habitable part spans both the rotating and non-rotating portions and the crew can move freely between them.

It's an absurdly complex challenge to build it this way, it introduces an open set of failure modes that would not otherwise exist and there's no good reason for any of it that I can think of.

Instead, rotate the whole ship, and if there are a few things which for some reason must not be rotated (scopes, antennae and cameras, perhaps?) place them in the smallest and simplest possible unpressurised nonrotating segment at the axis.


By contrast, 2001's Discovery centrifugal habitat ring, thanks to being wholly contained within the pressure hull, was not different in any important way from having a hamster wheel in an Apollo command module. You could plan it in such a way that you could avoid the need for much in the way of crazy-robust and complicated couplings. A single -- admittedly probably pretty elaborate -- coaxial power and data link, some WiFi (1968 version) and simple package transfer of solids and liquids and you're all set. In principle.

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