I have great idea. Instead of having this presidential election, AND instead of Ukraine joining NATO, how about Ukraine just annexes the US, taking care of both things at once. President Zelensky sounds good enough to me.

Liz Truss just turned up in Milwaukee for the convention.

Hope she'll lettuce know how it goes.

I'm particularly impressed with brilliant comments to the effect that the FBI shouldn't have "ignored the warning signs" about this kid. So now they think the federal government is, and should be, closely monitoring each of America's children in detail?

These people need to decide which side of their nutty Deep State narrative they're on.

People sometimes confuse the plural of octopus.

Here’s a guide:
• one octopus
• two octopuses
• three octopods
• 3.14 octopi
• four octopodes

Few things piss me off more than a huge, multi-billion IT corporation that suddenly sends me an email regarding an open-source project I’ve been running since 1990’s that I’ve recently shut down due to absolute lack of interest from its users… which happened to be telcos and large IT companies. Here’s what I replied:

Thank you for your email. As it’s often the case with open-source projects, their value to organisations is only noticed and appreciated when they go offline. I have maintained pam_tacplus for the last years and it had the call for sponsorship prominently displayed for most of the time specifically because it’s a legacy project that is difficult to maintain. None of the commercial companies that clearly do rely on it ever demonstrated any interest in even nominal donations, so it was archived. While it’s notable someone finally noticed it, I’m not the person to discuss any future development any more.

I did work in large companies and I do understand the sick logic that drives them, when it’s easier to get approval for annual spending of $50k for some office decorations than $100 for a mission-critical project which happens to be open-source and can be used for free for some time.

But it’s possible. If you’re working in such roles, please make every effort to get this $100 because otherwise it will become your responsibility to develop and maintain code that you always got for free.

As a reminder, in 2016 Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and UN mediated a deescalation agreement with #Russia which included reporting precise locations of hospitals and other civilian safe zones in #Syria to prevent what Russia claimed were “accidental bombings”. Guess what happened next? Russia bombed exactly these locations:

“The destruction of the hospital leaves the local population of around 40,000 people without access to medical services in an active zone of conflict,” said MSF Syria operations chief Massimiliano Rebaudengo.

A report published by the international medical charity on Wednesday said that during 2015 “a total of 94 aerial and shelling attacks of hit MSF-suppported facilities” with “12 cases leading to total destruction.” MSF said that 81 medical staff members were killed in these strikes.

Speaking in Geneva, MSF international president Joanne Liu told reporters that civilian institutions are being deliberately targeted on a regular basis, said the Guardian.


“…But if the Supreme Court is ever composed of imprudent men or bad citizens, the Union may be plunged into anarchy or civil war.” - Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, 1831

h/t @RIOldFolksHome on xitter

It's a sobering experience to, in a public discussion, question closely someone with whom you're politically aligned, when they make an irrational or unsupportable assertion.

You very quickly learn who's principled and who's tribal. It isn't pretty or fun, and doesn't give one much cause for optimism.

All it takes to believe a lie is willingness, ignorance or some combination of both. To understand and accept its refutation takes patience, discernment and often, considerable emotional discipline.

We are so fucked.

When a lie takes 10 seconds to tell and 30 minutes to refute, in the age of social media we're pretty much doomed.

if you ever need to commit a crime and are concerned about cameras, be sure to wear skin-colored gloves with extra, strangely long and misshapen fingers. This will prove someone's trying to frame you with obviously AI-generated evidence.

In fairness to those who favor a supernatural explanation for things, the fact that the Sun is by no definition on fire, and in fact undergoes a process almost as completely unrelated to fire as a physical process can be, and which is many, many orders of magnitude more energetic than fire, and yet not only seems to primitive senses to be made of fire, but also, no matter how closely you look, looks exactly like it's on fire, does kind of suggest that everything was designed by someone who's really messing with us.

I think there needs to be a global superstar East African nouvelle-folk singer just so we can call her The Enya of Kenya

I wonder if Russia will use its own convict units to shoot NK soldiers who try to surrender or defect, or if NK will supply their own?


It's so weird that there is a group of people that think getting rid of guns won't prevent any murders, but writing "Thou Shalt Not Kill" on the wall of a kindergarten class will.

V Guardian:
Shutting #Afghan women out of key UN conference to appease #Taliban ‘a betrayal’

Group allegedly demanding Afghan participation in Doha meeting this month be limited to men and that women’s rights be excluded from the agenda


My God there are some Dunning-Kruger ass motherfuckers on this site.

#Stanford’s top #disinformation #research collapses under #RightWing efforts

Stanford #Internet Observatory, which published some of the most influential analysis on the spread of false info on #socialmedia during #elections, has shed most of its staff & may shut down amid #political & #legal attacks that have cast a pall on efforts to study #online #misinformation.
#law #Policy #CyberSecurity #Congress #propaganda

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