Is there a way to include replies to others from instances I follow in my Home or/and Local timelines?

I'm less interested in toots people I follow have boosted than I'm interested in some of their replies to other threads that I can find only if I go and check their profiles one by one. Is there a switch for fine tuning what appears in the timeline?

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I see there is a "Show replies" in the settings but it doesn't seem to work.
I see only toots that are boosted. Anyone?

@pj My default settings for replies is “unlisted” because I don’t really want them showing up in public timelines without context.

Your post is making me rethink that choice… but I’m probably not the only person to do that.


Thanks, I didn't know that's an option. So, if I understand correctly, it is up to the (reply) author to decide if they want their comments to be visible to others, right?

I don't want either to read through all the responses in every thread on the local and federated timelines, but would like it if the people who follow me had the opportunity (if they want) to see and if they feel like it, voice their opinion in threads they were not involved in from the beginning.

Where can I change the default settings for my responses to other than "unlisted"?

@pj it’s in your profile settings on the server.

This option is just for the default setting, in both the web browser and most apps I’ve tried you can always change it before posting. So I’ve made this response public, even though my default setting is “unlisted”


Found it.
Thanks. I think mine was already set to "Public".

@pj it occurs to me it might just be an app option too. I just went looking for it in the browser and can’t find it. Lots to learn on here!


I have the feeling that the option does not apply to replies. Just to original toots.

@pj it might depend on the app. I use Toot!, but I swear I saw the option on other apps I tried before.

Anyway, it still sort of explains why some people’s replies don’t show up on the timelines as much, even if it’s not as helpful as I thought.


I mostly use the browser version with Opera and couldn't find the option in the settings but I found it in the Tusky app I use on my Android phone. Go figure 🙄

Anyways, this was a nice exercise and I learned quite a few things. Thanks for the help.

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