This has to be outlawed as immoral:
>The Times noted in a follow-up piece that Musk owns about 411 million Tesla shares, worth around $78 billion, and that he’d pledged 238 million shares for personal loans. Borrowing against their vast portfolios, as ProPublica has detailed, is how Musk, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, and other ludicrously wealthy Americans have managed to legally avoid the lion’s share of income taxes.

Mother Jones :press:  
If Elon Musk and His Buddies Think Delaware Is Too Strict, We’ve Got a Problem There’s a piece in today’s Wall Street Journal about how billionaire...

elimination of price controls, deregulation, and reduction of state influence in the economy, mostly via privatization and austerity, as an ideology for maintaining political power fits nicely with rejection of the certainty of knowledge and stable meaning.

Elon Musk Fanboys Explain Why They Are Signing Up For Neuralink Human Trials

>“Pretty efficient way to put me out of my misery.”🤣

What else can you expect from a "benevolent dictator" than to play innocent while his goons do his bidding?

is a philosophy that aims to do as much good as possible,” explains Brian Berkey, associate professor of legal studies and business ethics at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, US. “It’s how to help ensure people’s time and resources are spent well in making the world a better place. Through empirical evidence, individuals can make more informed decisions over which charitable causes to support.”

economics on steroids, that’s what it is:

You can’t make this s#!t up!
Elon trying to look like a Patrick but still trading lower, and both of them surpassed by Harry Potter, the #1 Best Seller in the “Children’s Books on Orphans & Foster Homes” category for audiobooks on Amazon:

Tim Gurner, CEO of the Gurner Group makes sure no one wants to work for his company.

“In my view, we need to see pain in the economy. We need to remind people that they work for the employer, not the other way around,”

Nothing's more satisfying than a quick meal in your favorite joint after a hard day's work preventing an alien invasion.

The Chinese influence peddlers worked regular office hours, based on Meta’s analysis of the covert campaign. The unknown state-linked actors took regularly breaks for lunch and dinner, all done within Chinese timezones — despite the tricksters pretending they were located across the Western world.


What a spin doctor!

The real problem is not the class gorging on stolen money and their self-serving “friends” in politics, but rather the “ class” that despite everything managed to get themselves an education and were lucky to find work as civil servants.

Fake “entrepreneurs” and their “yes men” pretending to care for the “little uneducated man” will save us all.


BTW, I thought class divide is a term used only by “filthy Marxists”:

“[Wind River] actually changed a law, where you can now be prosecuted if you’re a U.S. citizen for committing rape on an Indian reservation, and there’s now a database for missing murdered Indigenous women,” he says. “So keep your fucking award. Who’s going to remember I won an award in 10 years? But that law had a profound impact. All social change begins with the artist, and that’s the responsibility you have.”

Federal prosecutors have obtained an audio recording of former President Donald Trump acknowledging that he held onto a classified document about #...

‘Shark Tank’s’ Kevin O’Leary calls Target’s $15B woke collapse a warning to corporations

While in the meantime, he is probably busy buying BUD and TGT stocks as NYSE suggests “Buy” for both🤔

Interestingly, the brewing tensions over Muslim students declining to partake in in-class Pride activities recall the “reasonable accommodation” debates of yesteryear — only with the ideological roles reversed. The same progressives who once breathlessly defended the right of Muslim women to don Niqabs in voting booths (and, famously, at citizenship ceremonies) are now claiming that celebrating Pride Month is a sine qua non of being Canadian

And why is this such an issue?
It just shows that those progressives are consistently being .

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It would be funny if it wasn’t tragic how shallow-minded conspiracy the(r)orists really are:

Forrest Tower, a B.C. Wildfire Service information officer, is no stranger to conspiracy theories.
In 2021, Tower was the subject of a theory that alleged he was a government-hired actor and not a real person, given how well his name suits his job.
“[It was] going around that a fire information officer with my name couldn’t possibly be real,” he said, adding while it was funny at first, theories can affect emergency operations.

Back in 1968, Republicans endorsed youth involvement in politics.

I wonder what happened that the “baby boomer kids” whose protests in ‘68 helped this “softening” of the conservative establishment are now the most conservative “MAGA” supporting part of the GOP?

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