Six Misconceptions About

  1. Misinformation is just a social media problem
  2. The internet is rife with misinformation
  3. Falsehoods spread faster than the truth
  4. People believe everything they see on the internet
  5. A large number of people are misinformed
  6. Misinformation has a strong influence on people’s behavior


People are needlessly concerned that the unavoidable of (language and visual) tools will “break the landscape”. The quality and quantity of “fake news” and other published BS may increase but people with the and to distinguish between and will always have the upper hand.

Humanity was in this situation of “disruptive innovation” many times in the past, and it somehow managed to grow up of it a little bit better than before.

Arvind Narayanan:

Even with something as profound as the internet or search engines or smartphones, it’s turned out to be an adaptation, where we maximize the benefits and try to minimize the risks, rather than some kind of revolution. I don’t think large language models are even on that scale. There can potentially be massive shifts, benefits, and risks in many industries, but I cannot see a scenario where this is a “sky is falling” kind of issue.

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