Today, in "Two Categories, One Picture": "cat" and "new phone functionality test"

@pkok I'm sorry. Your cat is broken. Please send it to me for repair.

@Surasanji well, she won't stop making a resonating sound. Is she too damaged for repair? Could I file for a replacement maybe?

@pkok Well, as a registered doctor of catology, which is not a science I just made up, I'd say you'll need to apply gentle, but steady pressure in a stroking motion to the resonant areas. I'm afraid your plan doesn't cover replacements, though.

@Surasanji the sound only increases! She stopped moving, except for the front paws, going in a somewhat anti-phase motion of opening and closing.

@pkok Yup. Sounds like terminal purrosis. You'll have to keep with the treatment, and move the kitty to your lap or otherwise shower affection onto it.

@Surasanji Oh my! Moving the kitty made it stop and activated the stubs-related movement mode.

I think it is fixed for now, but not sure if either of us is happy with this solution. I will try again to invoke the symptoms!

@Aggy_C thanks! She tries her best to be as kind as she can be! She loves to sit really tight next to you, but putting her on your lap is a big no-no. We're practising to be held for cuddles at the moment!

@pkok I've got a tom who is similar. Doesn't like being held. Generally doesn't like laps (but seeing the little indoor dog sit in a lap can persuade him he wants that too). He loves attention, just not a lot of physical contact.

(I've had a number who were simply stand-offish, but not many who like attention but not cuddles. Haha. But I try to accommodate.)

Yours is precious though. I love her stripes.

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