pro tip: you should save the file in visual studio code before you try to call it in another file, otherwise you'll spend an hour wondering why "word_list" isn't there even though it looks like it's in wasn't saved.

*learning pain*


@trinsec it does auto save progress, but unless you save the file once manually, you're working on an temporary file that gets auto saved, so like, it all stayed there between closing and opening of VS, but it TECHNICALLY was never saved as a real proper file in a proper directory. Sigh.

Last week I couldn't figure out why I was getting weird errors, turned out VS was defaulting to an older version of python.

So now I'm constantly wondering, am I messing up the code, or is there some weird little thing I don't even know to check that's throwing a wrench in to the works (ala its not saved like this time, or defaulting to the wrong python version in VS)


@pope_meat Ah, so the next thing you need to do is acquiring the following habit: If creating a new file in VS, first save manually then you're good to go!

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