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:1up: PLEASE CONTACT me IF U feel SAD BUT mayB THEREs NO WAY TO deal with it嚗or would like to say a few words to the humans嚗 :ablobfoxbongo:
After watching some recent incidents caused by mental illness... I just thinkkk If hold out a little longer some guys could actually become more comfortable. But they lack some constant care and help. CONSTANT.
I wish I could do something, even if weve never met. If you need someone to talk to, maybe I can be that person
If you need, please contact me. You Dont have to worry about any extra bargaining. I am a stranger on the network of foreigners, sometimes jet lag. emmm I mean Im actually running a lonely nose on the other side of the screen, you dont have to feel sorry that you might be interrupting me. please come and talk to me, do not fear, Im here.

btw I dont know how to get this message to the people who need it.. So what Ive come up with so far is to forward this message every time I go online
嚗I feel like an idiot嚗 :ablobwob:

@go2travelworld 券平擖 撖寥Y銝餃撗撌血喉函拍妖剁撠銝寧璇臬耦蝘舀典急舐貊詻憒憒銝支葵摮拙


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#Obsidian 亥扇敺嫣噶嚗雿輻求aily Note隞嗅停憟賬銝啣函雿輻冽寞撠望臭蛹銝鈭喲株銝鈭瑕hashtag嚗嗅摰鋆Dataview啣遣憿菟g雿輻其誑銝祆亦揣撘亥扇撟嗡撠餈鈭hashtag喲株典U餈瑕停臭誑其誑瘚閫亥扇桀嗅嚗餈餈鈭hashtag乩閫憭拙鈭隞銋鈭隞銋憒橘銝粹蝘隞交暺鈭銝鈭霂嚗嚗敺憟賜剁踹瘛望刻

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drawing for beginning嚗u just need onetwothreethen ur sketch befine

@StevenDouglas In some cases, fevers is sweet for me, like a mild delirium.

@smigol Tak si okazao. Brzmi to jak bardzo praktyczna papeteria bez zbdnych czci. Biorc wszystko pod uwag, jest to rzeczywicie bardziej czysty o籀wek ni髒 jego kolega. Ale jest te髒 mo髒liwe, 髒e ta zbdno jest rodzajem humanizmu (jeli nie m籀wi w nim o konsumpcjonizmie) Czy powinnimy sdzi, 髒e zbdne, mniej czyste czci nie powinny istnie?
驍ycz dobrego dnia. :ablobdundundun:

憸隡撣貊蝟鈭 銋銝仿啣典典游隞銋

@smigol Jaka jest r籀髒nica midzy o籀wk籀w katolickich a innymi o籀wk籀w? :ablobdundundun:

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