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:1up: PLEASE CONTACT me IF U feel SAD BUT mayB THERE’s NO WAY TO deal with it(or would like to say a few words to the humans) :ablobfoxbongo:
After watching some recent incidents caused by mental illness... I just thinkkk If hold out a little longer some guys could actually become more comfortable. But they lack some constant care and help. CONSTANT.
I wish I could do something, even if we’ve never met. If you need someone to talk to, maybe I can be that person…
If you need, please contact me. You Don’t have to worry about any extra bargaining. I am a stranger on the network of foreigners, sometimes jet lag. emmm I mean I’m actually running a lonely nose on the other side of the screen, you don’t have to feel sorry that you might be interrupting me. please come and talk to me, do not fear, I’m here.

btw I don’t know how to get this message to the people who need it.. So what I’ve come up with so far is to forward this message every time I go online
(I feel like an idiot) :ablobwob:

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用 #Obsidian 写日记真的很方便,使用Daily Note的插件就好。而且我现在的使用方法就是为一些关键词加上井号变成hashtag,然后再安装Dataview新建页面,使用以下脚本来索引日记并且将这些hashtag关键词列在后面。这样就可以在以后浏览日记目录的时候,通过这些hashtag来了解那天发生了什么或者我写了什么。效果如图(因为隐私所以涂黑了一些词),真的很好用,阿圆深情推荐。

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drawing for beginning:u just need onetwothreethen ur sketch befine

预感会有非常糟糕的事情发生 也不知道现在在兴奋什么…

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F1 (🎥来自梅赛德斯车队官方设计媒体) :sys_video: F1世界锦标赛的微博视频


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階下で発情した猫が、バイター映画に出てくる変異児のように鳴いた :ablobdundundun:

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Some more highlights from the video I took on today's dive. Video coming soon.

In thebelow pictures we have a Peacock Flounder (they change color), A Trumpet Fish, a school of Pennant Coralfish (Heniochus-acuminatus), and a Chelidonura livida.

Dive stats:


🎓 Dr. Freemo :jpf: 🇳🇱  
I will share the other pictures from my dive in the next post. But this ancient absolutely massive Hawksbill Sea Turtle deserves its own post. This...

建议思想道德修养与法律基础直接超度我 我要吐了我想吐我马上就吐了我立刻图=吐我琺无再健康路家人们我超生了

I came up with an concept like all the information of history, present and future, and the culture it constitutes, is an elephant.
Individuals are small, able only to touch a piece of the elephant’s skin and form their own views of the world.
The legs of the elephant are the nodes of the times, and we all know that times change, from quantity to quality.Unlike the rest of the thigh, those who touch it have a more unique perspective. :_stars:
This abstract, conceptual elephant can’t be caught.
BUT the Human Act like recording and disseminating information, is to connect people of different eras, and these people will constitute the essence of human society elephant, eventually become the elephant itself.

Maybe I’m going to expand on.

Do you have any views on this? :blobsmilehappyeyes:

“直面自己是困难的事。” 熊对着潋滟湖面自言自语,

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wwwwwwwwwwwwww :ablobcatcry: 受験なんかしたくない :blob_cry:

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