What is the correct word to refer people on Mastodon? I came up with "Mastodians" but not sure if this is the right word.

@raining_night That is a good question. 😃

But I am afraid the answer is not "mastodonians', because mastodon is just one of the possible ways to access the 'fediverse' (or Federated Universe, the network we are participating in).

There are sites using "Pleroma". There are other names which I am even less familiar with. But your posts will show there, as we will see theirs too, being "federated" with hundred of other places.

The great community would be Fediverse, so maybe a word built into that root?

Fediversians comes to mind, although you will need to quickly explain what that means and why you chose the word.

@design_RG thanks for the info about pleroma.. will explore this at a later point of time.

@raining_night you are welcome. I wanted to make another complimentary post here, but accidentaly posted it as a new topic, oops. It's here:

If you Favourite an item with the Star, you have a better chance to find it in the future.

Currently, it's like a "Like" button on many cases, since we don't have one, but the original idea was a Favourites or Bookmark.

@design_RG I'm using the Fav button just like the "like" button on the other SM sites. And yes, I noticed that the favorited toots are shown under "Favorites". Thanks 👍

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