Second hand bike வாங்கனும்னா எந்த பைக் வாங்கலாம்? 150cc, budget 50k

@raining_night Which brings to mind, curious, which motorcycle do you ride? the one in the profile photo?

I found a beautiful BMW here on the local classifieds, reasonable price. So tempting.

@design_RG I ride Kawasaki Versys 650. It's the same bike as the one on my profile pic, but i downloaded that pic from google.. It's an amazing touring bike ❤️

@raining_night That sounds nice, we don't need larger engines, really, makes the bikes heaveir and use more fuel. 650 is a nice size.

People here in north America are more into the HD ones, which are not my style.

Saw some nice sportier ones in Europe, and people travelling or going on rides in groups with them, nice.

@design_RG I've heard good things about BMW superbikes, but don't have first hand knowledge on them. Also, you have to buy the bike that suits your passion like touring, sports bike, off roading, etc. No one bike satisfies all the above criteria.

@raining_night Yes, correct. I would want a good Touring bike, as I love to travel.

I had some bikes many years ago, the last one was a Honda CB 360.

This is the one I found - nice one.

BMW 1994 K1100LT special edition Motorcycle
$2,500.00 (about USD$2,000)

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