"Love, Death and Robots" - very good series. Contains short episodes of 10 to 15 mins duration. Each episode is a different story. Mostly Sci-fi genre. Recommended 👍

@design_RG i mostly watch the shows on Netflix. So, am unable to share the links

@raining_night Understood, but it's possible to link to a Netflix film page even if the person is not a subscriber; it will display the film info, but not play it.

I am always looking for a link with supplementary information for my posts, or for someone else's when I am curious and don't know much about what their post mentions.

Quick and easy - mark the text in question with the trackpad, right click, search on Bing and find a good article/link to post back in the thread.

One of my habits, I hope it adds value to the post and helps others find more info.

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