Porting a years-long birdsite thread to Mastodon 

Now that some design people who might be into the weird theme of disillusionment are on the #fedi, I'm thinking of 'porting' my years-long birdsite thread on the subject (basically my notes/thoughts/memes dump).* An example attached.

The issues I'm considering are:

- would this feel spammy in the local timeline (2~3 posts per day)?

- as I don't want to break it and have it half there - half here, is there an elegant way in which I could reconstruct it on Mastodon?

- perhaps it makes more sense to keep this space for the special things, the things that don't fit my actual job…

* twitter.com/silvio_lorusso/sta


@entreprecariat Just dump all stuff in here, make sure that the first post is public and all the other ones are marked as unlisted.
When you make a new toot reply to the last one and make it public so that other people see that.

Alternatively, you can publish everything detached without a thread and link them with a common hashtag

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