@raphv yeah the thread is not ideal for retrieval purposes, but that's somehow what I like of it: to find something I have to "rewind" a bit and by doing that I look in retrospect at my thought process :) Otherwise I would use Zettelkasten or similar. Alas, I'm chaotic neutral…


@entreprecariat @raphv@social.apreslanu.it I'd be interested in knowing how you'd publish a zettelkasten for others to read.
I have seen some examples, but in general zettelkasten seems like a terrible way to share information with other people.

@entreprecariat @raphv@social.apreslanu.it For myself I do like the zettelkasten; but surely it's not something you can use for everything. Definitely these kinds of retrospectives on your thoughts might get lost in the way.
However, sometimes the important is the final decision and not really the path you took to get there.

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