It's some time that beautiful girls keep accidentally writing to me on WhatsApp because someone gave them the wrong number.
I didn't really understand where's the scam, but at least I have a lot of beautiful girls that want to be friends with me.

Anyways, right now I'm a Chilean man, the name is written in my profile so I can not change that, but on the surname we're free.
If you want to take part in me trying to have some fun dicking out with these error prone beautiful girls I'll let you comment here details about my life that I'll give them during the conversation.
I can admit crimes and whatever.

Ok, this takes a lot of time and I have to do other things, I have to prepare since I have an actual date soon... She'll have to wait tomorrow for her turn...

Anyways, she's going at it pretty quickly!

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And yes, this is genuinely the first time a girl asks me if I'm married...

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@smellsofbikes Oh, so they don't really genuinely want to be friends with this handsome Chilean man?
Maybe I could have a friend which is famous on onlyfans.
Regarding money, good luck with that: I clearly do not have a legal job and thus no bank account; but I'd be very glad if they were to come visit me at which point I could effectively provide them all with a living; what wouldn't I do for a beautiful friend!

Anyways, I was just turning down before but now I got curious and I want to know how they're going to ask me the money.

Does this stuff actually work? Do they earn a living from this?

@smellsofbikes Wow, now I really want to become their friend and have them explain me the business model!

@smellsofbikes If it's real girls I'll put an additional objective then
If I can make them send a nude I will consider myself fully satisfied

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