The abstract of an article I'm coauthor of just came out, so cool!
I guess I should at least read the paper now...

@rastinza at least you should commit to writing it now, with all the hype that's gone around ... 😅

@tonic Nah, I barely know what the topic is and I know nothing about it.
I'm coauthor because I wrote the code used in the paper.

@rastinza you're telling me you're going to "wing it"? 🙊 brave. I'm sure no one will be able to tell just act confident it will be fine 😅

@tonic Not sure what you mean by wing it, I did actually contribute to the paper by providing help and advice based on my field of expertise.
The paper is however on a completely different topic and the content was written by different people.
I'm being listed because of my contribution, which was there even though the actual content and results of the paper aren't completely clear to me.
I doubt I'll have to justify to anyone about the contents of the paper, unless someone is interested in the details of what I did, which I doubt as that's not the main focus of the paper.

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