After a momentary delay, the first episode of my podcast is out now!

Episode 1 - Censoring Gab

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(Yes, I recognize that YouTube is taking an extraordinarily long time to process the video but hey what can ya do)

@realcaseyrollins Finally finished listening to the second half. Thanks for the shout out, that was really nice! I enjoyed it a lot. Thought you were spot-on about the instance blocking stuff. I'm a bit more sympathetic to Gab though, having dealt with the hardships of being an admin myself. Maybe it's something we could talk about.

@alex I'm still sympathetic to the users, but Torba's actions have evaporated my faith in him, and thus his ability to run an instance well, thus lowering my respect of the instance itself. Of course, coupled with its glaring software issues.

@realcaseyrollins I just feel like it's a job nobody can really be good at. Especially when you have that many users. They're all trying to pull you in different directions, feeling entitled about everything, and a good number of people are trying to destroy you both from the outside and from within. You mentioned that he seems a bit unstable, and you're probably right, but that's what it does to people. I was unstable the whole time I ran Spinster, and I still feel unstable coming off the tail end of it. More than anything I'm amazed he's survived with that job for so long. He puts on a macho persona, but I'm sure he's somewhat broken inside. I have mad respect for his perseverance, and I would not wish the kind of hate he receives upon even my worst enemies.

There are people who do big things in the background and nobody notices them. For example, programmers who create operating systems, blockchains, etc. When your job involves being in the spotlight, with every aspect of it being broadcast and scrutinized by thousands of people, it can be extremely challenging.

@alex True.

It takes more than one admin to run a social network with a million users.

Still makes me feel better about leaving for . After all, it is smaller, with more admins, who I actually trust.

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