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I should fact check ' claims about black students' likelihood to go to college based on whether or not their teachers were black. It's an interesting stat.

I mean, my third grade teacher was my mom, and I'm in college now, so I guess it worked!

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(sorry if you @ me rn, I'm getting a lot of notifications but I can't get to everyone rn. I will eventually tho.)

About to start writing scripts for upcoming video essays.

Which should I start working on first?

My sister says a Ben Shapiro video got taken down very soon after being uploaded, can anybody verify?

Facebook's new dating function doesn't allow the user to exclude trans men and women from their dating pool. It's acceptable to exclusively want to date transwomen or transmen but not women and men who aren't trans.

Oh yeah?


We have blocked/silenced the following instances for good reasons. -- Mass followers attack -- Mass followers attack -- NSFW content only -- NSFW content only -- NSFW content only -- Promoting unsafe content will also be listed for same reasons as humblr and sinblr.

#djitter #policy

For the people who are wondering if we are in any way related to #Gab?

No, just no. We are currently in the progress removing all "gab" related items from the UI.

#djitter #mastodon #gab #skin

I wonder if being on here during my twitter break is like when I tried to quit smoking using cigars

Love this post from @mk

Spinster is in its infancy, but is already making waves in the Fediverse

From left to right, the male dominated Fediverse is working to silence the thousands of women flocking to Spinster — a new woman-centered social media platform.

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