WHOA whoa whoa whoa hold on there bucko, you've changed it from illegal in Florida to illegal in Tennessee


You should follow @vagina_museum because they just posted a story that involved "dr Doolittle of orifices" and I don't need more reasons than that.
Sure, they are educational on a subject that is hard to find good sources of information, and funny and all that.
But dr Doolittle of orifices should be enough.

If a medieval French vagina could speak, what would it say?

We actually have the answer to this. Allow us to tell you the tale of The Knight Who Could Make Cunts Speak.

I made a graph of all my past relationships.

It has an ex axis and a why axis.

Urology ๐Ÿค Emergency Medicine

"Please don't stick your dick in that."

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In emergency medicine we donโ€™t say โ€œI love youโ€ we say โ€œplease donโ€™t stick your dick in thatโ€ and I think thatโ€™s beautiful

๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ”—: twitter.com/jtrebach/status/16

"Commander Vimes didnโ€™t like the phrase โ€œThe innocent have nothing to fear,โ€ believing the innocent had everything to fear, mostly from the guilty but in the longer term even more from those who say things like โ€œThe innocent have nothing to fear.โ€
Terry Pratchett; Snuff
#DiscWorld #PolicingBill

I just saw some idiot at the gym put a water bottle in the Pringles holder on the treadmill.

๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ just sent my renewal Medicare card, months in advance

To my ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ eyes this is still a miracle

Public health care for life, just because I live here

#expatlife has challenges but I โค๏ธ #Australia so much

#Grateful #AusPol2022 #Auspol #immigrant #immigrants #Aussie #Aussies


If youโ€™re not in the kink/bdsm community, you probably donโ€™t know that literally everyone of us is EAGER to show you our toys. Especially the weird ones. #kink #BDSM

Doing a bit of an experiment. Boost if you agree!

Trans rights are human rights.

Black lives matter.

No human is illegal.

Love is love.

Her body is her choice.

Science is real.

Kindness is everything.

Fun fact, Pathogens At The Opera is my Panic At The Disco cover band.

Also, interesting article. Even though singers expel more air and therefore more viral particles, they do it slower, and so are potentially less risky.


With Trent Reznor leaving, I now know what Twitter is becoming:

A BBS party with 1:25 ratio of Girl:Guy. And no one can talk outside video game analogies & insider geek jokes.

One that's so awkward, they end up pulling up the BBS at the party so people can communicate.

And there's a guy in the corner guffawing at all his own jokes super loudly so people pay attention.

He has a handle like Zethus or GodCoderXL*8 & as BBS SysOp, he looked cool.

At the party, he's just the guy whose Mum and Dad bought him a server so he could have friends. He wears his name in ASCII on his tee shirt. But we still know it's Elon.

He doesn't understand why all the other guests are starting to fidget when the thoughtful shy guy who plays in a band who exudes cool says he has somewhere else to be.

So, he sits there and rags on him for not being cool enough to tough it out in his parent's basement.

All his little wanna be moderators on the BBS join in. It gets louder over their vodka & diet cokes.

Everyone else is silently wishing they followed band guy's lead. Painfully aware that the party is just a place for real lonely dudes to make the jokes instead of be the butt.

I am sure I went to way too many of these parties in the 90s. I can't be arsed doing them in digital form now.

#twitter #trentreznor #awkward

i don't see why i have to clean the shower. imo itโ€™s the shower's job to clean me

Hello (this bit of the) world, I'm another newbie here!

I'm a legal geographer/political ecologist/gender, law and development nerd in the ANU College of Law at the Australian National University. I work on questions of gender, law and development, particularly in the Pacific. I understand #PacificStudies as meaning those scholarly traditions that are for, not simply about, Pacific people and places.

I have a book forthcoming on Gender, Property and Politics in the Pacific (tinyurl.com/32vbx268), focusing on gendered land relations in Solomon Islands and the diverse ways in which people engage with the law to enact a variety of futures. Pic below of the village of Buleani in Marovo Lagoon.

My new project looks at the way social movements engage with legal pluralities across the region. I'm looking forward to finding my way on this platform!


Today is the 37th anniversary of the first appearance of Bill Wattersonโ€™s Calvin and Hobbes in the newspaper.

Calvin and Hobbes first appeared about two weeks after I turned six years oldโ€”crucially, the same age as Calvinโ€”and it ended after I turned sixteen. I adored it from beginning to end. There is no stronger influence on the way I think, write, or see the world than the ten years of that strip.


This is a game-changer thread.
We have to assume that persistence of sars2 after infection is what is happening. The consequences are dire if treatments are not developed.
Precautionary principle should prevail. Transmission must be stopped, at any cost.

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I normally donโ€™t like posting #Twitter screenshots but this is just gold

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