In case you've never seen the absolute delight that is

It does help if you grew up in late 70s/early 80s UK.

Took some pictures at and event some friends were running: Wydale does the 1940s. Lots of Dad’s army style dressing up. This is my favourite.

And finally for this evening...
Donaghadee - a rather delightful small town on the west coast of Northern Ireland, not far from Belfast.

Ballintoy Church - On the north coast of Northern Ireland, where the skies are very big.

All sources of news and media are full of the ongoing march to somrt sort of catastrophic brexit situation and it's irritating me this evening, so I've spent some time looking at the photos from my last European holiday (I don't take many) to Florence. What a beautiful city.

So that whole Bloomberg story about the fiddled Supermicro boards... Didn't really make any sense to me.

Here's a good analysis of the possibilities:

And the key point....

Listen very carefully and you can just hear the rarely recorded mating call of the Aruba AP125. Majestic.

Today, a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, a fantastic place to visit in the North of England, especially with weather as good as today's. A current special exhibition is A Tree In The Wood by Italian artist Giuseppe Penone. It's stunning work.

I work in a much derided building that’s long overdue demolition... it’s still nice to find the little architectural details. I love this little gap halfway up the stairs to let light through, something characteristically 60s about this.

Holding on to it not being winter yet. Quick dash into town for these delights.

I’m about to enjoy this hot chocolate from a caravan near the giants causeway. Oh yes. Thanks mini maegden

Limavady maize maze “I’m not goin’ to lie, it’s muddy in there so it is.” Understatement of the day.

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