The phrase ‘vile loathsome pustule on the ballsack of humanity’ has just come to mind and I can only imagine using it to describe piers Morgan. Ideally to his face.

Having one of those days of frustration where I can't help but reflect on how many big decisions in my life have been shaped by misplaced loyalties and attachment to plans that haven't come to fruition. Happy Wednesday everyone.

A friend of mine has just discovered his business has been paying for a dialup service. Can't have been used in years. Vodafone have ditched their former Demon Internet ADSL service, but dialup lives on.

Successfully updated my ECSE to ECSE-Design yesterday.

I've been pretty quiet on here... How's everyone doing?

My two year old niece, who I suspect may already be able to outsmart me, has shown some really strong, patient, technical problem solving tendencies. I’d like to help her have the opportunity to learn how to code. So what advice/experience does anyone have on coding for young children.

I don’t understand the instagram bots that upload four (always four) sexy girl pictures then follow several thousand accounts. What are they trying to achieve?

Children spending some time away from the institution that prepares them to service the capitalist machine, in order to protest what that machine is doing, have my full support.

According to r/bicycling 1000 out of 1200 kids in this school arrive by #bike in winter. This photo was taken at -17ºC.

I know there's nothing new in this idea... but frankly our democracy is broken when this is the result of pretty much everything in parliament.

I now have accounts in two different Mastodon instances. I don't think this is a problem....

I finally did it. I deleted both my Instagram and FB accounts. I downloaded the data, then said goodbye. I let it consume me for so long, I’m not sure how I’ll cope/react. I think there will be a mourning period before I really start to experience the benefits of not being on Instagram.

Today I'm setting up some lights and a few radio mics for the campus Christian Union. As I dropped things off they were gathering together to sing, songs of theology that I no longer agree with... but boy have I missed that gathering together with the sense of expectation, no matter how fake....


1/ We need to talk about Daniel Kawczynski MP ( & Gold Speculation.

His comments & seemingly "pointless" lies about #brexit has provoked confusion among leavers & remainers alike.

But once you find out who's he really working for, his actions make perfect sense...


Tonight I have been in the pub with dear friends, drinking beer and eating pizza. It was good.

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