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I know there's nothing new in this idea... but frankly our democracy is broken when this is the result of pretty much everything in parliament.

I now have accounts in two different Mastodon instances. I don't think this is a problem....

I finally did it. I deleted both my Instagram and FB accounts. I downloaded the data, then said goodbye. I let it consume me for so long, I’m not sure how I’ll cope/react. I think there will be a mourning period before I really start to experience the benefits of not being on Instagram.

Today I'm setting up some lights and a few radio mics for the campus Christian Union. As I dropped things off they were gathering together to sing, songs of theology that I no longer agree with... but boy have I missed that gathering together with the sense of expectation, no matter how fake....


1/ We need to talk about Daniel Kawczynski MP ( & Gold Speculation.

His comments & seemingly "pointless" lies about #brexit has provoked confusion among leavers & remainers alike.

But once you find out who's he really working for, his actions make perfect sense...


Tonight I have been in the pub with dear friends, drinking beer and eating pizza. It was good.

In case you've never seen the absolute delight that is

It does help if you grew up in late 70s/early 80s UK.

Today's playlist has so far features work from Kaiser Chiefs, Foals, Thomas Tallis, Foy Vance, Olafur Arnalds, Bessie Smith, Vulfpeck, Thelonious Monk... I think that qualifies as eclectic.

Took some pictures at and event some friends were running: Wydale does the 1940s. Lots of Dad’s army style dressing up. This is my favourite.

Always impressed how good the human body is at stuff.

And finally for this evening...
Donaghadee - a rather delightful small town on the west coast of Northern Ireland, not far from Belfast.

Ballintoy Church - On the north coast of Northern Ireland, where the skies are very big.

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