Whining about personal problems 

I feel like I should look for a math tutor or a good online course. Lack of knowledge on basic integral calculus is somewhat problematic when you're supposed to be studying chemical engineering. Barely have enough energy to function right now though, so that's fun. Might be depressed.

Anyone know a good guide to memory techniques? I feel like too little of the stuff I'm supposed to learn sticks, beyond trivia of course.

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y'all, please send virtual hugs to the Brazilian people tonight, who lost their entire national museum in a catastrophic fire. thousands of artifacts that date back thousands of years were lost, as well invaluable artworks from many cultures. this is a terrible loss for humanity.


as an anthropologist, artist and a lover of brazilian culture, and as someone who studied tupi, this loss is staggering and tremendous.

I've always appreciated history and relics, so the brazilian museum fire is pretty much one of those nightmare scenarios I sometimes think about when tired. A terrible loss, no doubt about that, though now I'm somewhat curious to see what exactly was lost.

So. Finally creating accounts on instances other than M.S.
Let's get started with :
I'm an university student studying what I'm good at but not passionate about, interests include (but are not limited to):

I love having witty conversations, and I have been called "that snarky son of a bitch" on multiple occasions. I take that as a compliment.

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