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I'm not one to share (or even read) such things, but this is just such a beautiful sentiment and an acceptance of the end that is truly inspirational.


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@hafnia Favorite recent joke:

Can you believe my neighbor knocked on my door at two in the morning?

Two in the morning!

Luckily I was still up playing my bagpipes.

When it comes to “git push” why is the dangerous option (“-f”) so convenient and the safer option (“—force-with-lease”) so much more inconvenient?

Surely a better design would be for force to acquire the lease by default and to push without one should require “—force-without-lease”

Battersea Power Station Station. What a dumb name for a station. What’s wrong with just Battersea Station?

Random thought of the day: amongst a group of iPhone users, lightening cables in a good condition are a fungible commodity

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“GitHub Copilot – Productivity Boon or Considered Harmful?”

“What I’ve noticed is that the developers who copy and paste a lot tend to pick things up slower – if ever.” codemanship.wordpress.com/2021

Nobody can make a website with the address grannysmith.apple — why? Because a company that makes computers says so. Simply absurd.

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@ljwrites this blew my mind when I read about it from a design perspective. "Disability" is not a binary state but a mismatch between a person and the thing they are interacting with.

I’d love to apply for Drew DeVault’s vacancy to work on FOSS, just got to get myself in a financially stable position first. Totally get the financial constraints, I just think it’s brilliant that he’s willing and able to support such work! sourcehut.org/blog/2021-08-23-

Why is water always sold in plastic bottles and not in a can? Would be so much better for the environment…

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People talk about "releasing" software, stop doing that!

Software raised in captivity cannot survive in the wild! Feral software is also a big threat to digital biodiversity. Do not release software.

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re: carbon pol 

Now, I will say: there's reasons why I think individual action isn't sufficient (but it's absolutely necessary!).

But, my point is, that's not because of something silly like 100 companies being the vast majority of the problem and just stopping those emitters being enough to solve the problem... because they're not the majority of emissions, their billions of customers are.
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When I do ctrl-c after deciding not to run a shell command, I’m surprised it’s not a general practice for shells to strike through the never-executed command, especially given such stylistic adjustments were possibly even back in the day of teletypes

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Happy 109 anniversary to this little nugget of an article. We've known what the problem is for over a century.

The reason I’m anti-big-corporate isn’t because I’m against people working for some collective goal, but because there are selfish people in this world and they are attracted to big-corporations like moths to a flame

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