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Dentist: So, do you floss?
Me: Do you use a unique password for every account?

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One of the things I keep hearing here, over and over, is that "new" people on this platform shouldn't complain about things they find confusing or that don't meet their needs.

That's exactly wrong. New uses, who've not yet adapted themselves to possibly unworkable or inscrutable interfaces and limitations, are often in a unique position to have insights that old hands can no longer see.

Perhaps you're tired of hearing the same complaints over and over. But think about why people make them.

theguardian.com/commentisfree/ "Are women taking on another responsibility, as family archivist and chronicler of daily life?" -- maybe the issue is her, not him. Why does she feel that her family needs an archivist? Who does she think she is, royalty?

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Been really enjoying learning about flint knapping lately via Dr James Dilley's videos youtube.com/@ancientcraftUK -- definitely going on the list of things to do when I have a garden

Just had the realisation that as long as a language has parametric polymorphism and higher order functions, it implicitly also has a mechanism for defining an abstraction independently of its implementation (e.g. interfaces, protocols, etc), by defining lenses/prisms. These allow code module to depend on being able to get/set part of a large data structure without having to know it’s internal structure, simply by being passed lenses over the parts, and only parts, that it depends upon.

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Dunno if I've said this in mastodon yet, so here goes:

EVERY union should have an explicit goal for % of board seats to control and the funding for this should be separate from all other pooled funds.

This may mean stock purchases on the open market, it may mean negotiating with institutional investors to punch above your weight. For unions at privately held companies, you should be first in line any time there is a whiff of equity being raised OR credit being sought.

The very fact that companies pay tax on profit but you or I do on income, says everything about the modern world.

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today i invented a game called "open source project or tertiary star wars character" lets begin

* dokku
* greedo
* yaml
* logray
* fluo
* kaminari
* dalvik
* dianoga
* nokogiri
* batik
* toml
* labria
* hadoop
* avro
* teedo
* deno
* lobot
* bahir
* lodash
* exogorth
* celix
* dubbo

"1D languages require jumps for flow control, but since any graph can be embedded in three dimensions, languages of three or more dimensions can be written jump-free. An easy way to do this is to allow changing the direction of the instruction pointer rather than its position."


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4 chancellors in 4 months… strong and stable…

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Occasional reminder: if you're in the UK, you can reduce your carbon emissions by shifting your electricity use to times when there's plenty of sunshine or wind and not much demand. This site makes it easy:


This matters even if you buy your electricity from a 100%-renewable supplier such as Octopus or Good Energy.

If you know of similar sites elsewhere in the world, please chime in.

If the Tories are suddenly anti-tax and they want to be re-elected one day why don't they tackle arguably the greatest injustice of the tax code: VAT. Eliminate VAT on the products that are rising fastest and that'll bring down inflation, no?

This (twitter.com/wtwiwf2/status/157) suggestion really isn't as silly as it sounds. I think it would have been far better to have had a procession snaking down the country rather than flying the coffin to London and then having everyone queue. They could even put a stone cross-like marker at each point where the procession stopped each night…

Charles will not cool on climate action, say friends

Good, I say. Climate change is not and should not be a political issue; it's time everyone in society stood up and took action on the reckless behaviour of our civilisation. But if he's going to be vocal though, then that action had better start at home -- a commitment to travel by train instead of private jet would be a start.

Type-driven development means the type checker is my copilot.

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I see a lot of people complaining about how "RSS readers went away." It's a bit baffling, because they didn't. You just stopped using them 🤷

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