If anyone who enjoys educational content on YouTube but hasn’t heard of Nebular then it’s absolutely worth checking out. It’s what the funding for entertainment in the 21st century should look like, and I really hope it continues despite the track record of such ventures


How did I go more than 8 years of writing code without being introduced to the powerful capability of vim key bindings‽ How is this not just the standard way of interacting with all text on all computers??

I’m starting to wonder if this is the year the history books will mark as the decline of Western hegemony. I have no doubt China aren’t being entirely transparent about their COVID response but you can’t not be impressed by how they started the year by building a hospital in a week and are ending it by testing an entire city nytimes.com/live/2020/10/12/wo

Strip all console.debug statements from new and modified staged files in a git repo with this nice script: git diff --cached --name-only --diff-filter=M --diff-filter=A | xargs sed -i '' "/console.debug/d"

TIL Genes are purposefully named to avoid similarities with dates because of Excel. How completely and utterly stupid. Why do we have such a low bar for functional software‽ theverge.com/2020/8/6/21355674

Org-mode heading bullets, but as Roman numerals: (setq org-bullets-bullet-list '("−" "=" "≡" "⋜" "<" "≤" "≦"))

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“Algorithms are a tool for mathematicians, not politicians,” — and computer literacy problem…

“Analysis of the algorithm has alarmed many Tory MPs and councillors after it suggested that many of the homes needed for an annual target of 333,000 would be built in Conservative heartlands such as Kent and Surrey.”[1] — and people wonder why the south east has a housing problem…

[1] theguardian.com/politics/2020/

I know I’m 30 years late, but the fact that with just a little fiddling with port forwarding and DNS records is enough for me to share what’s on my little server with the world is nothing short of magic. Just straight up voodoo witchcraft.

High hydration sourdough: no problem, Irish soda bread: just nope

There was a young coder whose hacks
His manager often claimed lacked
The requisite clarity
For to clamp vars would he:
Math.min(Math.max(number, min), max);


TIL the U.K.’s Supreme Court counts as government department, albeit one without a minister[1]

1: gov.uk/government/organisation

If there’s one piece of British legislation that needs to come out of this pandemic it’s that the triple-locked pension has to go. Predominantly young workers are being kicked in the teeth by the economic fallout whilst pensioners are guaranteed a pay rise

Good on you California for facilitating this, but wow America, clandestine operations for disposing of dangerous chemicals just because climate change is so political! (Planet Money — Sell me your climate bombs)[pca.st/episode/09430109-ccdb-4]

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"When you browse Instagram and find former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's passport number" by Alex Hope mango.pdf.zone/finding-former-

One of the most entertaining security stories I've read. Let's hope the author finds some more security vulnerabilities so we can enjoy more fun writeups like this.

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