The lesson we should learn from this is that the tech industry needs a regulator. Anyone selling software that runs with root privileges should be required by law to adhere to a testing standard, especially if that software auto updates. The rest of the economy should be provided with resiliency and redundancy guidance from said regulator.

@RichardJMurphy What’s stopping lenders from offering such a product now, if it would be as popular as you suggest? If borrowers truly value such certainty then surely there would be a competitive advantage to offering such a product without the need for government intervention?

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the world needs more recreational programming.
like, was this the most optimal or elegant way to code this?

no, but it was the most fun to write.

I've been re-reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series lately and one thing that stuck out to me is how much GRRM's writing makes each chapter feel like a children's' short story in length and structure. Coupled with the alternating viewpoints and the books feel rather than like an anthology of fairy tales. This then only further exacerbates the starkness of the sex, the violence, and the horror that the series doesn't shy away from. We're anticipating a happy-ever-after at the close of chapters that rarely deliver.

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Three years ago, astronauts aboard the International Space Station jettisoned an SUV-sized collection of trash that was supposed to burn up harmlessly in the atmosphere. Now it looks like a piece of it just crashed through a house in Florida.

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I keep hearing and reading that working remotely will ruin a junior developer's career because they'll miss a lot of important learning without those "water cooler moments" and I can't help feeling that any profession which relies on random social interactions to instill the foundations has bigger problems.

Also, when are we going to let go of the assumption that working remotely = working alone?

Today's XKCD is a doozy, although it takes a moment to click

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As we do our silly Chicago tradition of dyeing the river a violent shade of green, I think it's a good time to remind people that our ancestors *reversed the flow of the river* to provide safe drinking water from Lake Michigan and earlier, in the 1860's, *lifted the entire city* to improve drainage and public health.

Remember that any time someone says heat pumps and renewable energy are hard.

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The #RSS spec was released 25 years ago on this day. Happy birthday, RSS! 🎂 🎉 🎁

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This should be a viral national story in #US. After this team unanimously unionized, Google refused to come to the bargaining table.

A resolution supporting the workers was brought to the city council. The day the workers showed up to testify on the resolution, Google laid off the entire team.

This was the precise instant when YouTube Music employees became aware that we had lost our jobs, as we were addressing the City Council.

> When taking out a new phone contract, she failed the credit check because 29 February didn't appear as a date on the system.
> "Quite often I have to put in 28 February, which rankles, because that's not my date of birth," she says of the problematic dropdown forms.

Software is, as always, garbage.

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On post-mortems:

It’s fine to say “who did what” to understand the context, but any system that catastrophically failed due to a human mistake, is a brittle system.

The blame sits with the system, not the human.

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XKCD cartoon.


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"Engineers hate writing tests". I don't know who you're talking about, but they ain't software engineers.

How is introducing a smoke free generation not straight up age discrimination? The way that this isn’t even getting a robust debate makes me feel like a radical libertarian.

"The use of the Gregorian calendar as the wire format in this specification is an arbitrary choice resulting from the cultural biases of those involved in the decision." --

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