They would have to start by actually following the monad laws though... Just spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to write a `sequence` function to avoid deeply nested and completely unnecessary `then` callbacks. Turns out there's some kind of global state going on so it's never going to work, just great...

If you define a function called foo
function foo(actions) {
const [action,] = actions;
action.then(x => cy.log(x));
and then call it like this
const list = [cy.wrap(7), cy.wrap(8)];
const nine = cy.wrap(9);
You would expect 7 to get logged -- but nope, 9 does… Makes no sense whatsoever, just prevents any kind of user-defined abstraction. What utter garbage

Cypress would be so much easier if it came with basic monad combinators and do-notation. Seriously considering prototyping a PureScript wrapper…
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