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Variable name vs how it’s being used vs documentation in comment above it

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Exactly 14 years ago , Satoshi Nakamoto designed the most pathetic / inefficient system ever invented by humankind : the blockchain.

Today, it weights 60 000 tons, wastes constantly 10 gigawatts .. to process less than 7 transactions per second :

Less than a 33 bps modem from 1990.

This could be joke if it didn't have such gigantic environmental impact, wasn't enabling billion dolllars ransomware industry and was not crushing thousands of lives in the process.

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Sick of people calling everything in crypto a Ponzi scheme. Some crypto projects are Pump-and-Dump schemes, while others are Pyramid schemes. Others are just middlemen skimming off the top. Others are just standard-issue fraud.

Stop glossing over the diversity in the industry.

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Look, if a core Bitcoin developer's can get their whole wallet emptied out unrecoverably on them, and that developer's immediate reflex is to start calling a centralized authority for help, it's time to stop pretending this entire cryptocurrency exercise is ever going to work reliably.

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Government's refusal to negotiate with unions as the country grinds to a halt is is intolerable

After 12 years of cuts, all of us working in public service know that #EnoughIsEnough

We need to #TaxTheRich to fund our public services

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Thought Leaders: "Programming will be obsolete within 5 years. All business software will be generated by AIs"

Actual Businesses: "actually we're mainly still on-premise, running on Windows Server 2003 and VBScript ASP, but our two-year plan to migrate everything into a cloud kicked off in 2015 and we're making steady progress."

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Saying not to bother with the favourite button on mastodon because it doesn't affect any algorithm is like saying not to say thank you to someone because no one else will hear.

Stop thinking in those old social media ways of engagement and visibility and algorithms and reach and audience and start thinking about being social.

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#woodturning #bowlsFromLogs #bowl #forest #trees #woodart #woodworking #artisan #art #craft #handcrafted #artist #maker #Norway #harvesting #wood #lathe #bandsaw

Hope to meet the folks in the Fediverse who are into woodturning, or plan to be – and share what woodturning, trade or hobby, is about. This post, and the upcoming ones, will mostly be about my woodturner daily life and surroundings; workshop, tools, harvesting wood etc.

Post 1: A peep into my workshop some days ago.

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It's called "research" because you have to read it all again to find that one thing you wanted to cite.

The fact that this isn't intuitively obvious to everyone says a lot about the state of physics education

Criminal punishment in this country is just pathetic. Five years for manslaughter by diminished responsibility is just simply not enough. Even if one ignores all other aspects of inprisonment besides protecting the public, anything short of decades is simply unacceptable.

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Every news outlet should stand up a Mastondon instance for their reporters & staff.

It’ll be great to see or whatever domain they want to use.

Built in verification. Every reporter for the Washington Post on a washpo domain. Every reporter for the New York Times on an NYTimes domain. Etc, etc.

Plus the “local” feed for each instance becomes a feed of all the posts from that institution mixed together — providing extra discovery.

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"if i replace all the words, is it really plagiarism?"

this argument is known as the ship of thesaurus

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“You can find us anywhere you get your podcasts.”

I *adore* this phrase, because it has been like two whole-ass decades and not one single venture capital darling has managed to unseat plain RSS as the distribution method for podcasts. Not one. (And they have really tried!)

Podcasts are just out there, like air. You don’t go to one place to get them; you get them from everywhere and anywhere. You can choose how you want to engage with them and manage them and it is legitimately heartwarming that nothing has ever gotten in the way of that being a fundamental fact.

This is the best of what the web is. It will never have a stock ticker or even a marketing scheme. Most people don’t even know it is there. But it endures (past the many, many attempts by squillionaire corporates to kill it) because of its absolute unshakable utility.

My suggestion: any time you hear “anywhere you get your podcasts”, send a little thanks to RSS for keeping the real web alive.

#RSS #Podcasts #ProtocolsNotProducts

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We simply should not let people become so rich that their personal issues become society's problems

After all these years of casually using it, I'm actually reading the original markdown spec. It's actually really clever how it codifies common conventions for drafting digital text. Each document markup standard -- roff, tex, html, markdown -- seem to be a step towards readability, that's for sure. Though I am left thinking that markdown, with all of the various variants, has inherited the issue that shell scripts have where one must be cognisant of the common standard.

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Wow, after 25 years of Unix experience, I learned that you can filter output in #less.

Press ampersand (&) and enter a regex to show only lines matching the regex.

Press ampersand (&) and then exclamation mark (!) to apply an inverse filter.

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