I think I nearly collided with a bat today. I was riding a bike along Sihl just north of Sihlcity (the path is between a small forested hill and a river with a highway overpass over it; it's sparsely lit with streetlamps) and saw (~single frame only, because of timing wrt my blinking) a dark concave-sided diamond shape in front of me and felt a gust of wind.

It's not that surprising, given that a bit further north friends of mine would semi-regularly notice bats over the rive (and I did once or twice), but the near collision is surprising given my very predictable motion.

Ah, PSA: if you do actually collide with a bat, check very thoroughly whether (a) you got scratched in any way (b) you got your face in contact with the bat. If either happened, wash the scratch/your face thoroughly and urgently visit a doctor due to the risk of rabies.

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